About us

ABout us

It all started in 2014 in a college dorm room, a couple sophomores doing readings for an environmental pollution elective course. The topic of the week was Air pollution. The facts shocked us.

It all started with a vision. A vision of a world where smog advisories did not exist. A world where 18,000 people did not die every single day. Did you know 92 percent of the world’s population lives in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits? What we’re left with is 18,000 premature deaths per day as a result of that pollution — more than the casualties from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and road injuries, combined. It was news to us too.

Like most, we talked about how terrible it was and how we should do something about it and after we got it out of our system, we moved on with our lives. Its hard to take air pollution seriously when you haven’t experienced it. It wasn’t until the two went to Guangdong, China, years later that it became real.

The combination of fear and sense of duty is what brought forth Urban Nomads.
We feared for our health but also felt we had a responsibility to do something about it.
That’s why we’re doing this. Its about creating a symbol. When you’re wearing an Urban Nomad Mask, you’re telling the world what you believe in. You’re not just wearing a face mask to protect yourself, its an act of silent activism. That’s why 10% of every dollar you spend goes to fixing the problem. Not “profits,” not “proceeds,” no. 10% of every dollar you spend, flat. We made something that will protect you and you help protect the world as a bonus.
We envision a future where 7 million people don’t die every year from air pollution. Urban Nomads is a representation of both the best protection coupled with an effort towards the solution.